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The main aim of the dietetic unit is to promote good nutrition in healthy as well as sick people.


Staff strength:

  • Dietitian 2

  • Diet cook supervisor 1

  • Intern dietitians 4


Activities/services: The unit provides both preventive and curative services.

  1. Preventive: This service includes education of the general public on health, good nutrition, food hygiene and disease prevention through talks, workshops and the media.

  2. Curative: This service involves the dietary management of acute or chronic dietary- related diseases (e.g. PEM etc.) to prevent complications and decrease the risk of death. Cases include in- patients as well as out-patients referred by a physician.

  3. Other:

  • Training of other health professionals in the management of severely malnourished children.

  • Providing orientation on the management of severely malnourished children for medical, dietetic, nutrition and nursing students.

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Priscilla Tete-Donkor RD.

(Head of Dietetics Unit)

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