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Nursing Administration

The nursing administration is the highest office of the nursing department of the hospital. Headed by the DDNS and other supporting staff. All nursing activities in the hospital are monitored by this administration


  • To ensure adequate staffing of nurses at all nursing units in the hospital.

  • To ensure smooth running of the hospital

  • To develop and implement proper communication systems.

  • To develop and initiate proper evaluation systems and periodic monitoring for proper utilization of personnel.

  • To assist hospital authorities for effective personnel management


  • Supporting ward/unit managers in ensuring effective and efficient management of nursing services in the facility.

  • Taking a lead role in promoting practices that are sensitive to the needs of patients/clients from multi-cultural background.

  • Contributing to the development, implementation and monitoring of standards, policies and procedures for delivery of quality care in the facility.

  • Liaise appropriately with the facility management to ensure open and effective communication.

  • Planning and coordinating nursing staff performance appraisal in the facility.

  • Receives and distribute nursing students and coordinate their teaching in the various department and units in the facility.     



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Margaret Amoakoh

(Deputy Director, Nursing Services)

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