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Pharmacy Department

The pharmacy department of Princess Marie Louise’s Children Hospital is responsible for the control and distribution of medicines and the promotion of their safe use. There are two units:

  • Main Dispensary 

  • Pharmacy Store

Drugs are issued from the store only when requisitioned and approved by the head or his department. The main pharmacy works 24/7

The pharmacy also offers adherence counseling to HIV clients and supplies their drugs.


  • The overall goal of the department is to offer quality pharmaceutical care to all clients/patients who attend the facility. To this end, the department ensures regular availability of quality, safe, efficacious, and cost effective essential medicines.

  • To promote Rational Use of Medicines

  • To undertake prescription interventions and monitor adverse drug reactions.

  • To promote the activities of D. T. C

  • To create and maintain effective communication with other health care team members and clients of the hospital


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Mr. William Lamptey

(Head of Pharmacy Department)

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